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Acheevo Features Matrix

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Home Page


Developed by


Developer’s Description

KEEP SOLUTIONS is a company that provides advanced services for managing and preserving digital information. The company initiated its activity in 2008 and attained the status of spin-off of the University of Minho for being an enterprise that maintains close ties to research centres and departments of this university.


KEEP SOLUTIONS provides a wide range of products and services to support the creation of digital archives/repositories, museums and libraries. Its main services consist of design and development of information management systems, consulting, research, and training. Its main clients are located in the public and educational sectors, e.g. ministries, archives, museums, institutes, military, local government, academic institutions, and foundations.


KEEP SOLUTIONS carries out research in close collaboration with national and international organizations such as the Technical University of Vienna, the Austrian Institute of Technology, Microsoft Research, the Technical University of Berlin, The University of Manchester, University Pierre and Marie Curie, the British Library, the Austrian National Library, the Danish National Library, the Portuguese National Archives, among others. 



Purchasing Cost

Depends on the version: 

  • Standalone, Standard or Premium
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) also available 

For more information please contact sales@keep.pt. 

Maintenance Cost

  • 1/3 of the license cost per year
  • Discounts for 3 years of maintenance 

User Support

  • Web site
  • Help desk
  • User manual
  •  Remote assistance support 


  • Training courses (on-site or remote)
  • Webcasts

System Requirements

Desktop Client (Win32/64)

  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7;
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5;
  • Microsoft Office 2003 or more recent (optional);
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (optional);
  • Codecs for video rendering (optional)
  • 2 Gb of RAM

Application Server

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008+;
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services 7;
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5;
  • 2 Gb of RAM
  • Dual-core CPU

Database server

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition+; 
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services;
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5;
  • 4 Gb of RAM
  • Quad-core CPU 


Technical Architecture

Service Oriented Architecture based on Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)


Backup/ restore utility

Yes. DBMS handles backup/restore.


Archeevo is a branch of the DigitArq Archival Management Software launched in 2003. DigitArq and Archeevo are currently running in over 50 institutions, including National Archives, Regional Archives, Municipal Archives and Museums. 

Hosting Available?


Demo/ Sandbox Available?

Yes, available upon request.

Windows-based client.


Archeevo software is based on international archival standards, such as ISADg and ISAAR. The software implements EAD data exchange, but also has OAI-PMH API’s. The product's capacity to export all of its data to EAD/XML makes Archeevo a sustainable product. Other export formats are also available such as DIF/XML and CSV.

Example Users

Archeevo is installed in Municipalities, Regional archives, National archives, Defense, Ministries and Museums. 


Some references:


  • Arquivo da Presidência da República
  • Museu da Presidência da República
  • Ministério da Economia e do Emprego
  • Marinha Portuguesa
  • Município de Ponte de Lima
  • Município de Mafra
  • Município de Albufeira
  • Município de Grândola
  • Município de Alvito
  • Município de Beja
  • Município de Mértola
  • Município de Almodôvar
  • Município de Constância
  • Município de Famalicão
  • Município de Valença
  • Município de Cuba
  • Município de Vidigueira
  • Arquivo Distrital de Braga
  • Arquivo Distrital de Coimbra
  • Fundação Casa de Bragança
  • (and many others)



Unique Features

  • Virtual Reference room with backoffice workflow for handling requests
  • Support for e-commerce
  • Reading room management
  • OAI-PMH data provider
  • Ingest service compatible with BagIt specification
  • Interoperable through Web services API
  • Integration with the National Authority Record Registry (based on EAC)
  • Conservation & restoration module
  • Productivity reports
  • Highly configurable
  • Support for themes (online catalogue only)


Support for Importing/ Exporting Metadata

Exports MARC

Optional, by adding XSLT style sheets

Exports EAD


Exports Dublin Core

Optional, by adding XSLT style sheets

Exports MODS

Optional, by adding XSLT style sheets

Exports METS


Exports MADS


Batch Exports EAD


Batch Exports MARC

Optional, by adding XSLT style sheets

Batch Export Tab Delimited Files


Imports EAD


Imports MARC

Optional, by adding XSLT style sheets

Imports Tab Delimited Files/ CSV


Imports Digital Image Files

Yes. Features a full module to manage digital assets, digitisation projects, and association with descriptive records.

Import Accession Data

Accession data is stored on the description metadata. Import is supported by the existing ways of importing metadata.

Batch Import EAD


Batch Import MARC

Optional, by adding XSLT style sheets

Batch Import CSV


Collection Management Features





Create Deeds of Gift


Prioritize Processing Order


Track Donors


Project Management

Yes. Only for digit assets management.

Record Condition


Manage Locations


Manage Restricted Materials


Manage Rights


Manage Loans & Exhibits




Reference support


Generate Reports


Track Repository Statistics


Resource Description

Authority Control

Yes, through integration with the National Authority Registries or custom controlled vocabularies

Controlled vocabulary

Yes, customisable 


Compliance to Archival Standards


Data Validation

Yes, based on customisable field entry templates

Includes Quality Assurance tool for descriptive metadata

Templating/ Default Fields

Yes, configurable on the Administration module

Support for Digital Media

Yes, full module to manage digital assets


Yes. English and Portuguese supported by default. More languages can be added on the Administration module. Data can only be stored in only one language.

Flexibility of Data Model

Yes, fields and description levels can be configured in the Administration module.

Item-level Description


Support for hierarchical description

Yes, description levels can be customised by the administrator. An infinite number of levels and hierarchical restrictions may the configured. Data may be easily moved from one place of the hierarchy to another. Drag’n’drop is supported.

Dynamically generate EAD finding aids


Publish finding aids online


Administrative Functions

User Permissions

Yes, Archeevo allows access rights to be assigned to both individual users and groups of users. This allows control of access to data and to certain functions, such as editing, deletion or output of data. Permissions to individual information items can also be set.

Support for Harvesting/ Syndication

Yes, OAI data provider is supported out-of-the-box.

Customization/ Configuration

Yes, fields can be modified, added and removed. Forms, menus and reports can likewise be changed or updated. Messages and labels can be changed. GUI of the online catalogue can be modified on the Administration module (support for UI Themes).

Spell Check


Bug Reporting

Yes, directly from the software to our support team.

Interoperability with Digital Repository Systems

No, but possible.

User Interface

Web Publishing

Yes, out-of-the-box





Advanced Search

Yes, search by any field.


Yes, support for UI themes on the Administration module

Built-in Help

Yes, there is a help button that provides help

Link to Images & Other Files


Easy Data Entry


Other Features

Records management 

  • Compatible with ISAD(g) with full support for description of fonds, subfonds, series, subseries, files and items
  • Compatible with national description standards (via system configuration)
  • Simple and advanced search (w/ metadata preview)
  • Support for fuzzy search, exact phrase, contains all words, contains any word, does not contain words, does not contain exact phrase
  • Import/Export data in Excel, EAD and DIF/XML (this format includes system specific information) Other formats possible via XSLT
  • Hierarchical navigation on description records
  • Validation of hierarchical constrains and mandatory metadata fields
  • Simultaneous visualization of multiple records 
  • Automatic assigning of hierarchical reference codes
  • Metadata modification log/versioning
  • Support for search and replace (including support for regular expressions)
  • Simplified locations management (based on controlled vocabularies)
  • Automatic data inference/inheritance (dates and extensions)
  • Cloning of records for simplified input of repetitive items
  • User and groups access control to individual records
  • One-click Web publication of batches of records
  • Support for custom reports
  • Additional reports can be added and managed via SQL Reporting Services 
  • Configurable input forms and default metadata
  • Support for controlled vocabularies (list and hierarchical)
  • Configurable description levels (support for additional levels)
  • Automatic creation of record modifications log (i.e. archivist’s note)

Management of digital assets 

  • Digital assets management and large digitalization projects in multiple formats
  • Semi-automatic association of digital assets to pre-existing archival descriptions
  • For fully automated association, file naming schemes must be in place
  • Automatic generation of lightweight versions of large master copies for Web access 
  • Configurable settings for lightweight image generation
  • Support for various image formats (e.g. BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, etc.)
  • Automatic extraction of technical metadata from digital assets
  • Support for image watermarks
  • Support for sponsor logo on digitization projects
  • Appears on frontoffice
  • Support for video, audio e office documents (w/ integrated viewers)

Web publishing 

  • Simple and advanced search 
  • Hierarchical navigation on description records
  • Accessible for people with disabilities  (WCAG 2.0 - AAA)
  • Integrated viewers for image-based representations
  • Integrated viewers for video and audio
  • Support for various languages
  • Support for themes
  • Sort by reference code, description level, title, and dates
  • Support for Google Analytics
  • Highlighting of search terms
  • Welcome page (optional)
  • Enables publication of static information about the archive (can be managed through administration)
  • Highlights page (optional)
  • Enables the archive to highlight certain documents, collections or any other relevant information 
  • Help page (optional)
  • Enables the display of online help information to end-users
  • Share on social networks
  • Facebook comments on records pages
  • Sort by relevance


  • OAI-PMH Data provider
  • Compatible with Archives Portal Europe
  • Compatible with national registers of authority records
  • Compatible with Europeana (ESE)

Conservation and restoration 

  • Register of conservation and restoration interventions
  • Support for photo and video documentation of the conservation process
  • Detailed description of the physical media

Virtual reference 

  • Support for reproduction requests
  • Support for early consultation requests
  • Support for professional search requests
  • Support for professional information requests
  • Support for onsite document consultation 
  • Support for internal requests
  • Online payments
  • Internal request handling workflows
  • Reading room management
  • Document loans

Administration and configuration

  • Users, roles and permissions management
  • Centralized management of reports
  • Additional reports can be added and managed via SQL Reporting Services
  • Online/remote administration of the system
  • Management and modification of Frontoffice themes
  • Online access to system log for accountability and audit purposes
  • Employee performance reporting and statistics
  • Deleted records recovery (i.e. Recycle bin)
  • System translation (inc/ field names, messages, interfaces, etc.)
  • Request handling workflows configuration

Management of semi-active documentation

  • Configuration of scheduling rules for selection and disposal of records
  • Export/import of selection rules
  • Issuing of transference notes
  • Issuing of elimination notes 

Technical characteristics

  • Service oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Backups
  • Metadata is stored on SQL Server. Digital assets are stored on the file system or the database depending on the configuration
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and 8
  • Compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2012
  • Compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express (free)




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