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Eloquent Archives Matrix

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Home Page


Developed by

Eloquent Systems Inc

Developer’s Description

“Eloquent Archives is an integrated application including all the functions for archival description, accessioning/de-accessioning, controlling vocabulary, custodial management, research requests, tracking, and other workflow management.


Eloquent Archives software can easily be configured for any size or type of institution. Existing customers include state/provincial and local government, major corporations, and small heritage institutions.

Eloquent Archives complies with international standards such as ISAD(G), RAD, EAD, DACS and ISAAR. The software supports hierarchical structures and multi-dimensional linking of data elements. Researchers can easily navigate through the database to find what they need.”


Commercial or SaaS

Purchasing Cost

$4,000 to $35,000 depending on modules used and size of holdings. SaaS – no purchase; annual fee $2,700 to 9,500

Maintenance Cost

15% of list price (not required with SaaS)

User Support

Unlimited hotline support with annual maintenance fee


Just-in-time with WebEx remote service

System Requirements

Any MS Windows Server for software; any Internet browser for all client and admin functions

Technical Architecture

Entirely Web-based

Backup/ restore utility

Yes: “Easy recovery of deleted data.”


Smooth progression from DOS, Windows, and Web over 20 years.

Hosting Available?


Demo/ Sandbox Available?



The software will run forever if you do not make significant changes to the server system software. Data can be exported at any time. Annual support fees are highly advisable, but not mandatory.

Example Users

Unique Features

  • Track researchers and usage of collections
  • Supports online research requests
  • Google Map interface for search results
  • No coding required for HTML/EAD output
  • Exported data delivered as automatic Email attachment automatically to user.
  • Very modular for flexible pricing and configuration
  • Expands to include library, museum and records management applications.

Support for Importing/ Exporting Metadata

Exports MARC

No, but exported EAD can be run through free publicly available EAD-to-MARC conversion software.

Exports EAD


Exports Dublin Core


Exports MODS

P – Eloquent XML Export Utility can be configured the DTD for MODS

Exports METS

P – Eloquent XML Export Utility can be configured the DTD for METS

Exports MADS

P – Eloquent XML Export Utility can be configured the DTD for MADS

Batch Exports EAD


Batch Exports MARC

P – Export to EAD and use 3rd party utility to convert to MARC

Batch Export Tab Delimited Files


Imports EAD


Imports MARC

Yes, for library component of product; from there, integrated with archives or migrated to descriptive record structure.

Imports Tab Delimited Files/ CSV


Imports Digital Image Files

Yes, attaches all formats of digital content to metadata.

Import Accession Data


Batch Import EAD


Batch Import MARC

Yes, for library component of product; from there, integrated with archives or migrated to descriptive record structure.

Batch Import CSV


Collection Management Features


Can be custom tailored for minimal charge.



Create Deeds of Gift


Prioritize Processing Order

Yes, can be tailored.

Track Donors


Project Management


  • “Monitor the status of accessions”
  • “Track archivists responsible for the accession”

Record Condition

Yes: “Track accessioning, location management, preservation and treatment.”

Manage Locations


Manage Restricted Materials

Yes: “Record access restrictions”

Manage Rights

Configurable user groups and users ranging through public, staff, and administrator.

Manage Loans & Exhibits




Reference Support

Partial: “Manage reading room research activities.”

Generate Reports

Yes: “Generate reports in HTML, PDF, XML or ASCII.”

Track Repository Statistics


  • “Log all use of materials”
  • “Log all research requests”
  • Log size (linear and cubic measure) in detail and summary totals by various selection criteria.

Resource Description

Authority Control

Yes. Compliant with ISAAR(CPF).

Controlled vocabulary

Yes.  Support for building thesauri.

Compliance to Archival Standards

Yes: “Invoke DACS, ISAD(G) and RAD standards, or custom


Data Validation

Yes, on specific fields.

Templating/ Default Fields

Yes, and copy of entire existing record for minor modification into a new record.

Support for Digital Media

Yes: “Include any form of digital content such as documents, images, and multimedia.”


Yes: ”Support concurrent users in the language of their choice.”

Flexibility of Data Model

Yes, with WebGENCAT database component all components of the application can be modified or enhanced. Or, and entirely new application can be built from scratch.

Item-level Description


Reorganize Hierarchies

Yes, supports any number of levels; user definable names for levels; flexible structures within various branches of a tree.

Dynamically generate EAD finding aids


Publish finding aids online


Administrative Functions

User Permissions

Yes: “Restrict access to sensitive data through privacy and security controls.”

Support for Harvesting/ Syndication

Can export EAD for import into another system; EAD contains links for dynamic access to source database; can link out to other databases for related data.  Eloquent’s Branch Module supports building a union catalog for consortia of smaller institutions.

Customization/ Configuration

Yes: “Create additional fields, entry screens and reports with development tools.”

Spell Check

Yes, available with some browsers; can be added to all other browsers; uses the browser vocabulary/dictionary.

Bug Reporting

Yes, covered with annual maintenance fee.

Interoperability with Digital Repository Systems

No, but appropriate interface can be easily tailored for most digital repositories.

User Interface

Web Publishing






Advanced Search

  • Can save searches
  • “Precision searches with authorized terms and Boolean logic.”
  • “Searching the database plots the locations on Google™ Maps. Clicking points on the map presents detail and images from your database.”


Yes: “Full control over look & feel of web pages”

Built-in Help

Yes: “Context-sensitive online help.”

Link to Images & Other Files


Easy Data Entry

Yes, through web forms

Other Features

  • “Print barcodes and labels in PDF format.”
  • “Record research requests”
  • “Highlight entered search terms in PDFs when they are returned as search results”
  • “Generate entire websites on the fly using your archival descriptions”

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